HeidelbergCement Group Headquarters, Heidelberg

New company headquarters for HeidelbergCement in Heidelberg’s Neuenheim district

New building becomes a breathing building through the use of façade ventilation units (FVP-V)

Architect AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GmbH
Project New company headquarters
Usable area 49,000m2 / 1,000 employees
Goal Sustainable and energy-efficient building concept
Integration 1000 FVP-V devices
Special feature Largest indoor air project in LTG’s history

“Invisible” Integration of the ventilation units into a clear and transparent façade.

(mixture of lots of glass and a very bright curved concrete façade)

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HeidelbergCement Group Headquarters, Heidelberg

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of building materials, HeidelbergCement has very special requirements for a sustainable and energy-efficient building concept for its new company headquarters in Heidelberg’s Neuenheim district. LTG Aktiengesellschaft was able to support the new building with almost 1000 decentralized ventilation units in the sill variant (FVP-V) and achieved the largest indoor air project in LTG’s company history. The new building, consisting of three cubic building sections of different heights with separate inner courtyards, offers around 49,000 square meters of space.2 a particularly pleasant working environment for up to 1000 employees.

Special attention was also paid to the indoor climate to ensure that employees feel completely at ease. Due to the wide and flat structure of the building, a decentralized ventilation system was chosen to avoid the high loss of space caused by shafts for ventilation ducts and the large amount of space required for air conditioning units. The FVPpulse units from LTG Aktiengesellschaft were ultimately chosen because they are also highly profitable due to their low lifetime costs and, thanks to the innovative energy concept, they meet the highest certification category of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). In addition, the FVPpulse is currently the only decentralized ventilation system that meets the requirements of the ErP (Energy-related Products) Directive with regard to heat recovery for non-residential buildings. With the help of decentralized ventilation units, each area, and usually even each individual room, can be tempered according to need and user and supplied with sufficient fresh air.

In addition to sustainably low energy consumption, additional customer requirements had to be implemented, which required our development expertise in our room flow laboratory. This enabled LTG to ensure that, despite a supply air temperature of approx. 11-12 °C, a very comfortable and naturally perceived room airflow is achieved even at close range (< 1m), thus achieving the highest comfort category.

Another special feature is the façade of the new company headquarters – a mixture of lots of glass and a very bright, curved concrete façade. For this reason, the ventilation units also had to blend discreetly into the clear and transparent façade of the building. This is due to the functional principle of the decentralized façade ventilation units FVPpulse from LTG, which manage with only one façade opening and thus disappear invisibly behind the concrete elements, have been a perfect success.

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