Family Hotel Cavallino Bianco, South Tyrol

Renovation of 88 family suites in a modern design

Comfortable room cooling and ventilation Makes your stay at the four-star superior hotel extremely pleasant

Project Family Hotel Cavallino Bianco
Year 2016
Country Italy

The challenge
The challenge was to install a narrow, quiet and invisible recirculating air cooling unit in the 88 hotel rooms.

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Family Hotel Cavallino Bianco, South Tyrol

The family-friendly luxury hotel in the heart of the Dolomites offers every imaginable comfort and plenty of freedom, making a stay here exceptional, especially for families with small children. Various awards in recent years confirm that a stay at the Cavallino Bianco is very worthwhile.

The 88 family suites were renovated in 2016. Each suite has two bedrooms, two fully equipped bathrooms and a small kitchenette. To ensure that families feel completely at ease in their 140m² family rooms, special attention was also paid to the indoor climate. We were looking for a slim, quiet and invisible recirculating air cooling unit for hotel rooms.

The choice fell on the VFC solution from LTG Aktiengesellschaft, in which the VFC devices could be installed inconspicuously in a wall cabinet. The devices draw in air from below via the bookshelf and blow it out again at an angle upwards towards the ceiling.

To ensure the best possible comfort, the VFCs are equipped with fan inserts. Finally, 88 fan coil units VFC-0/2/630/E/EC (2-pipe) were supplied via our Italian sales partner Hatek Srl. In addition, the centrally treated fresh air is now supplied draught-free and quietly via wall slot diffusers LWE 12style-2 into the rooms. 177 of these LTG outlets were also supplied and installed for the conversion.

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