Remediation concept

Older HVAC systems often do not work efficiently and consume more energy. This applies in particular to induction systems that are still operated at high pressures. Particularly in times of rising energy costs and ever louder demands for sustainability, optimizing a system is therefore an investment that pays for itself quickly. As part of LTG's engineering services, we support you in identifying the individual optimization potential of your system with profitability calculations and the development of refurbishment concepts. With verifiable statements and concrete recommendations for action, energy consumption can be significantly reduced. We provide information on realistically possible energy savings and advise you on the reliable operation of new appliances, as well as the right control system for optimum thermal comfort and good indoor air quality. To do this, we not only evaluate a representative device for you on the caloric test bench in our laboratory, but also record the actual condition and operating parameters of the induction devices and the system on site. Based on the building's consumption data, we prepare an energy consumption calculation as well as an estimate of the savings potential and make recommendations for optimization. These can be finally verified on site with appropriate implementation. You will of course receive a report on the specific results of the measures taken, including a calculation of the cost-effectiveness of the investment down to individual room level. Interested? Talk to us!