Reverberation chamber measurement

Acoustics play a key role in Comfort Air Technology applications, as people react to loud or continuous noise with stress. However, process applications in production halls must also comply with noise limits at the workstations, which are defined in the occupational health and safety guidelines. Knowledge of the emitted sound power level of aerodynamic components, also in interaction with the installation situation, is therefore of central importance. Measuring the sound power level LwA, the volume flow or pressure is therefore the basis for optimizing a room or Process Air Technology system in many cases. In other cases, it also serves to safeguard product development. As part of LTG's engineering services, we can carry out measurements in our reverberation chamber that fulfill accuracy class I according to DIN 45635 /2 and deliver meaningful results. The excellent infrastructure includes various orifice and nozzle measuring sections that allow the measurement of a wide range of air volume flows. We have six independent and differently positioned microphones for acoustic measurements. Their averaged measurements achieve standard deviations above the cut-off frequency of the room, which at 110 Hz are well below the DIN limit values. Thanks to precise measurement data acquisition, we are also able to measure octave and third-octave spectra with a two-channel real-time frequency analyzer, evaluate sound power levels (e.g. A-weighting), calculate overall sound power levels and perform quiet level corrections. We are therefore ideally equipped to measure real volume flows and check the sound power level of individual products or planned product combinations - for example a shut-off damper plus constant volume flow controller plus corridor wall diffuser - and to validate planning or identify weak points. In addition, valid measurement results also safeguard your product (further) development. Try us out - we look forward to hearing from you!