Flow tests

Fresh, pleasantly tempered air determines the comfort of rooms. For thermal comfort in modern buildings such as office and residential buildings, assembly rooms or other buildings, suitable ventilation systems and structural solutions must be combined in a sensible way. In practice, incorrect design and regulation or a special installation situation can lead to thermal discomfort in the occupied zone and thus to user dissatisfaction. To avoid this, it is advisable to validate an HVAC concept during the planning phase using a realistic room flow test with different load scenarios. The LTG room flow laboratories offer all the possibilities for this: Whether in model tests or on an original scale, all load cases (full load, partial load cooling case and heating case) can be investigated here and evaluated and optimized in accordance with current standards. We include all planned ventilation components, supply media and internal and external loads (façade, solar radiation, people, lighting, appliances, machines, etc.) in the analysis in order to obtain a meaningful result. All comfort parameters such as temperature, flow patterns or velocities are measured, documented and ultimately optimized under reliable, constant and reproducible conditions - for maximum comfort. Whether a single unit or an entire air conditioning concept - with LTG room flow tests you can achieve optimum results for any initial situation. We look forward to hearing from you!