Acoustic measurement on site

Acoustic measurements are useful in many cases - for example to compare different products and systems, or in the event of an acoustic fault: Example 1: Product/system comparison The sound power level indicates the sound energy emitted by an object. It is an important characteristic for evaluating a product, as it describes a genuine device property as an environment-independent variable and is therefore a useful criterion for comparing different products and systems. Acoustic measurements in the actual planned installation situation provide meaningful sound pressure levels for selecting the ideal system. 2nd example: Acoustic disturbances in the living and working space What landlord or operator hasn't experienced this: tenants or users of a building complain about noises that are supposedly coming from the air conditioning system. Acoustics also play an important role in production facilities: many production and manufacturing processes are associated with noise emissions that affect people's ability to concentrate or their health. Acoustic emissions from processes, machines and components must therefore remain within defined limits, especially in the areas where people are present. To resolve acoustic complaints or ensure compliance with legal requirements, the current situation must first be analyzed. As part of LTG's engineering services, we support you with an acoustic measurement on site. The measurement of the quiet level as well as the sound pressure level in the room with a running noise source - appliance or production system - at various positions is part of the standard measurement program. To develop holistic concepts for noise reduction, we identify the existing noise sources and transmission paths, measure and evaluate whether the sound pressure level in the room is outside the recommended limits and develop improvement measures and proposed solutions. If necessary, the sound-generating component, e.g. an assembly such as an air diffuser or a damper, can then be optimized with the aim of reducing the sound level. Whatever (acoustic) question or problem you may have: LTG's competent engineers will be happy to help you find a solution with modern, mobile measuring instruments.