Sydney Opera House

Project Sydney Opera House
Year 2016 – 2023
Country Australia

The challenge was to ventilate the large room height with a gentle air flow without draughts. In addition, low-noise air intake and seamless integration into wood-grained ceiling systems.

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Sydney Opera House

Who hasn’t seen the Sydney Opera House – one of the most famous buildings in the world? In fact, it was a Danish architect who designed the UENESCO World Heritage Site, which was built between 1959 and 1973, before it was opened by Queen Elizabeth II.

As part of the preparations for the 50th anniversary in 2023, modernization work began in 2016. The theater machinery is being renewed and systems are also being introduced with which the audience and the artists can set the space in different moods and modes. Acoustic reflectors above the stage as well as automatic stage risers, which improve the view of the audience and allow a variety of orchestra configurations, are also included.

The room ventilation concept should be just as sophisticated. The requirements were ventilation from great room heights with low velocity air flow (avoidance of draughts), low-noise (very quiet) air supply and visually unobtrusive integration into the wood-grained ceiling system, which we at LTG Aktiengesellschaft were able to meet with our self-developed slot diffusers.

We are very proud that we were able to be part of such a highly demanding project and that the Australians opted for LTG Aktiengesellschaft’s high-quality indoor air concept. We are and will remain “Made in Germany”. Our slot diffusers type LDB 50Maxx, which are particularly suitable for “large room heights and air volumes”, were used to ventilate the large concert hall.
and LDB20 Classic in the special color RAL 1015 (light ivory).

Covering an area of 1.8 hectares, the opera house in Australia’s port city of Sydeny has been impressing visitors for decades with its 67-meter-high roof, which is reminiscent of hoisted ship sails and, if you look closely, consists of over a million shiny white ceramic tiles. An impressive 5541 seats are spread over five theaters. There are also numerous rehearsal and changing rooms, restaurants, bars, souvenir stores and a movie theater. In addition to its extraordinary architecture, the Sydney Opera House with the world’s largest organ with mechanical action in the concert hall is Australia’s main tourist attraction for 4 million visitors a year.

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