Matthäus-Hahn-Gymnasium, Leinfelden

FVS Eco façade ventilation unit



Project Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Gymnasium
Country Germany

The challenge arose from the school’s geographical location near Stuttgart Airport. The aircraft noise required a ventilation system that allows the windows to remain closed for the most part.

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Matthäus-Hahn-Gymnasium, Leinfelden

In 2011, the school expanded the existing school buildings in order to cope with the growing number of pupils, who are increasingly flocking to Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Gymnasium (PMGH) in Leinfelden-Echterdingen from the surrounding communities. An additional building was constructed, designed as an independent building with a floor area of 20 x 37 meters, providing space for seven additional classrooms. The Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Gymnasium is now an educational institution for 700 pupils from the region.

The architecture

The architecture of the new building, which is primarily intended for the upper school, impresses with its calm ambience. Minimalist exposed concrete surfaces, large windows and clear shapes create this special atmosphere, which is further enhanced by lounge corners. The bright exposed concrete surfaces provide an exciting contrast to deliberately chosen strong colors such as purple or red. In the classrooms themselves, function and design are not only combined in innovative acoustic ceilings. The purple-painted ventilation unit visibly mounted in a ceiling box also FVS Eco2School integrates perfectly into its surroundings and at the same time provides fresh, clean and tempered air with side discharge. Modern media technology such as interactive whiteboards and stylish furniture also emphasize the almost futuristic character of the rooms and make learning a pleasure.

Not only pupils, teachers and parents are enthusiastic about this solution. The Chamber of Architects also recognized the design by the architectural firm Schädler & Zwerger GmbH from Leinfelden-Echterdingen with an award for “Exemplary Building in the District of Esslingen 2006-2012”.

The air conditioning technology

The geographical location close to Stuttgart Airport and the associated aircraft noise made it necessary to use ventilation technology that allows the windows to remain closed for the most part. At the same time, energy aspects should be taken into account. LTG Aktiengesellschaft supplied seven façade ventilation units of the type FVS Eco2School the optimum solution for both requirements.

LTG FVS facade ventilation units Eco2School have been specially designed for the ventilation of classrooms and meeting rooms and are characterized by high thermal comfort and low heating requirements. They offer demand-controlled, mechanical ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery and guarantee a low primary energy requirement. The treatment of supply and extract air as well as heat recovery take place in just one device.

At the same time, 95% of the outdoor air is cleaned of inhalable fine dust and as much as 99% of pollen and coarse dust. The higher air quality can improve school performance and reduce illness among teachers and pupils.

The ventilation is regulated individually as required, controlled by time or by aCO2 sensor. As a plug-and-play solution, the façade ventilation unit FVS Eco2School can be retrofitted quickly and easily – even during vacations and at weekends.


  • Client: City of Leinfelden-Echterdingen
  • Air conditioning planning: Rentschler und Riedesser Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH für Technik im Bau, Filderstadt
  • Architecture: Schädler & Zwerger Architekten GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

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