Innovative control technology / Connected Intelligence

Innovative control technology / Connected Intelligence
On-demand air conditioning even without a building management system: with decentralized control intelligence. Connected Intelligence offers a cost-effective, simple and flexible automation solution for LTG air-water systems. The system enables demand-based, room-specific ventilation and air conditioning with or without a higher-level BMS. Cost-effective and easy to install, devices can be connected to form a network that is compatible with existing building automation solutions and open to a wide range of sensor systems. Innovative automation solution
  • Shifting control tasks for energy-efficient air conditioning to the local field level
  • Simple implementation of energy-efficient demand ventilation and innovative ventilation concepts (cross ventilation, night ventilation, hybrid ventilation)
  • High flexibility thanks to self-sufficient stand-alone solutions (master/slave) or BMS connection and simple scalability for expansion/retrofitting
Decentralized control intelligence
  • Independent, needs-based and energy-efficient control of the appliances
  • Manufacturer know-how integrated in the device, wired and tested at the factory
  • Open bus communication and simple expandability/scalability
  • At least 50 % savings on investment/installation costs for I&C technology
Cost savings
  • Significant reduction in software/hardware data points and DDC costs thanks to more compact components and LTG boards
  • Significant reduction in wiring work and the risk of errors on the construction site
Verified/open systems
  • Integrated, product-optimized control loops for room temperature and air quality as well as heat recovery optimization
  • Open communication through the use of Modbus as a protocol and available gateway modules and converters
  • Cost-effective stand-alone solution for small zones (e.g. refurbishment of sub-areas without BMS connection)
  • Subsequent connection to a BMS or existing system possible
  • Expansion with different sensors possible without additional effort/additional modules