Office application | FVP Pulse

Office application | FVP Pulse
Decentralized façade ventilation units offer architects and planners unique flexibility coupled with high cost-effectiveness. Both supply and exhaust air are routed and treated via the façade - without a central air conditioning unit or duct system. LTG Decentral ventilation units are available for all installation situations and offer innovative options for individual, needs-based air conditioning. With the system PulseVentilation system, we achieve economical, comfortable impulse ventilation with one of the oldest concepts in the world: breathing.
  • In an interview with Dirk Rehfeld, editor of KK-Kälte, Wolf Hartmann, former CEO of LTG Aktiengesellschaft, explains in detail the advantages of a decentralized system and the requirements for which it is worth using it. Find out more in this video.
  • LTG Connected Intelligence Demand-based, room-specific ventilation and air conditioning with and without a higher-level building management system. With decentralized control intelligence. Efficient, scalable, bus-compatible.

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