Our areas of application in the field of Automotive/wind simulation

With LTG wind simulators, you can generate air flows as you would in a real application in the laboratory. To ensure that products are always functional and reliable, tests are an indispensable tool in development or quality assurance. With little effort, external environmental influences such as wind and rain can be simulated in the laboratory in order to obtain reliable and reproducible results for an optimal product. In the automotive industry, our airstream simulators are used worldwide by all leading manufacturers to measure emissions in accordance with the latest standards such as WLTP. They are also used in environmental simulation chambers or quality test benches for aerodynamic and acoustic measurements. A realistic simulation of the flow, as well as the heat and material transport processes, is crucial for many product developments in the field of sporting goods, clothing or building facades, for which we create customer-specific solutions. To ensure that you always receive accurate and reliably reproducible measurement results, our wind simulation meets high requirements: The air flow is constant over a large width and exhibits neither turbulence nor fluctuations in terms of speed or density. You can find different application solutions here. Benefit from our experience from over 300 reference systems. We are also happy to support you in the development of new system solutions with our engineering services. Whether process optimization, field measurements, laboratory tests or CFD simulations, our engineers will also design what is physically feasible for you.